Whatsapp Health Workshops during the pandemic

The current pandemic has once again spotlighted the importance of having an adequate home to preserve our health and lives.


Faced with our new reality, we have focused our attention on looking for ways we can rapidly help more families improve their housing situation and be able to stay safe. To do so, we enhanced one of our most important programs: the educational one.


We changed the approach and methodology of our workshops and designed the remote program “Health and Housing”. We focused the workshops on hygiene and protection in times of Covid19 and dengue, as well as every relevant aspect related to healthy family coexistence. We are conducting workshops via Whatsapp with personalized follow up to ensure the progress of the participant families. On completion of the program participants are expected to make small and practical improvements on their houses. Every family who completes the program of three workshops will receive a set of different products to implement what they have learned.


This reality allowed us to discover a great opportunity: addressing digital inclusion by giving families the chance to use their mobile phones as educative tools to learn about improving their current situation.


Additionally, the Health and Housing program is not limited geographically, as it can be implemented in any neighborhood of Argentina. As a result we are building new partnership with different organizations to improve the program’s impact and help more families during this harsh time.



We need your help to reach families whose houses are not a safe place to undergo this quarantine, and help them improve their home and health. Donations are destined to delivering different sets of products and tools for the families who complete our three-workshop program.
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